Epic email fail, The Byronic Man, and Duck-ups.

Fact #1: too much coffee makes me giggle.

Fact #2: I sometimes don’t pay enough attention.

Fact #3: when I drink too much coffee and then don’t pay enough attention, funny fail-ish things happen!

So, I was preparing to write a fairly serious, fairly lengthy blog entry about something very important, but I got in my own way by email failing myself into a fit of giggles.

Let me explain.

I follow a few blogs. All of which I enjoy (why would I follow them if I didn’t?). Early this afternoon, I’m cruising these blogs and I go to click on a link on the blogroll of one of them. It failed to bring me to the site because there was a letter missing in the url. I eventually found the blog, but I thought it would be really helpful to point this out to the blogger. So, like the helpful little lady I am, I haul up my email and write them an email about it, happily pointing out their easily remedied foible. All was well!

Or, so I thought.

Here’s what happened: I thought I was reading one blog, and it turned out to be the other. And I didn’t realize this until more than an hour after I’d emailed when I went back to the blog to see if the link had been fixed. “Oh fiddle-de-dee!” FIDDLE-DE-EFFING DEE! I was absolutely mortified of course, but I burst into a serious fit of giggles — “how very stupidly silly of me!” I thought!

Then, I decide: “Wow, I really should email him again and point out my own foible. This is too funny.”

So, of course, I did. And now I feel better, but still annoyed at myself that I wasn’t paying enough attention.

Then, of course, I go back to the blog that actually had the mistake on it in search of a way to contact the blogger and let them know about the missing letter in their link. Of course, there doesn’t seem to be a way to contact them at all, other than commenting on something. The comedy of errors continues!

So, here I am blogging about it, in some (perhaps futile) attempt at redeeming myself by sharing both blogs here, and actually paying enough attention to what I’m doing to get them straight.

Don’t ask me how I managed to confuse one blog with the other, because I’m not even sure. They’re so very different now that I’m looking at them again. I blame the coffee, but I also blame the ability to read blogs you follow on WordPress without going to the actual page. I was carelessly clicking. Normally I endorse coffee and clicking (the bookmark section of my Safari is actually called Dark Roasted Stumbling in honour of my habit of visiting websites while drinking my dark roast coffee), but today it went totally awry.

The blogger I emailed is in charge of a blog called Duck Duck Gray Duck. Funny name, hey? I thought so. It was puzzling enough to keep me reading though, and I followed the blog because of it. There’s a lot of miscellany happening on this blog, a lot of it funny and intriguing. The author of the blog is J.J. Bugs and he describes the blog as “Navigating the Nonsense. Spotlighting the Profound.”, which I think is an apt description. Oddly enough, this email fail of mine has worked out well for both he and I because I will inevitably pay more attention to the blog after having mistaken it for another.

The blog that actually contains the link with the missing letter is called The Byronic Man, and its author is a little bit more of a mystery, as the lack of email (that I can see) and the name of the blog would suggest. The best way I can describe the content of this blog is by this image of the tags on the blog:

It’s worth your while to check out the Author section of his blog. It’s entertaining and honest. And he does have a flair for words, this one.

Anyway, again: I am really not sure at all how this mix-up was even possible, but it’s worked out nicely for everyone involved (even Byron over there, who had no idea any of this was happening). I’m going to see the silver lining on this cloud and say: ’tis better to have email failed and corrected it than to have never email failed at all.


2 thoughts on “Epic email fail, The Byronic Man, and Duck-ups.

  1. Byron MacLymont says:

    Well, first off, thanks for attempting to email me and second, for calling my attention to the fact that after my last site overhaul I somehow deleted an email contact and THIRD that one of my links is missing a letter.

    Wow, my site sounds like a mess. How sad for me.

    I’ll look for which link is in error, but if you think of it, you can let me know here, or via email as soon as I’ve remedied that!

    Oh, and fourth, thanks for the mention and kind words.

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