I Am Home

It has been just over 4 years since I last published a post here on Gravitas & Giggles.

4 whole years!

It feels good to be back.

In returning, I wondered how I should approach re-entry — a 4-year hiatus is, well, not a short one. Should I start fresh and archive old posts completely? I considered that, but only briefly. After reading some old entries, I felt proud of them. I even shared a few of them with family and friends so we could revisit them together. They are chapters in my story.

The last entry I wrote before falling silent was an update about how life in London was treating me, what I’d learned from my move to the UK, and how it affected me. All of the things I wrote then still ring true today, even though things have changed in many significant ways since then.

My life has gone in unexpected directions and yielded some truly wild stories (if you stick around, I’ll tell you a few) and seriously wonderful relationships (life-altering ones that mean, well, I’m still here).

I left London for a while, but it welcomed me back. I hit a place beyond rock bottom and came back from it — twice. I have lost, discovered, and re-discovered myself. I have gained confidence, experience, and self-awareness. I gave up on old dreams and made new ones. I dug deep to find other old dreams and brought them to life. I had my heart broken. I fell in love.

When I meet new people I’m often asked how/why I am here in the UK and I admit that I revel in telling the story a little because it’s full of strange twists and turns and includes at least three appearances by Fate.

And so that’s what brings me back to this space: I’ve returned because I revel in stories and I have plenty to tell.

I am refreshed, enhanced, and improved; my gravitas has grown, so have my giggles.

I am happy, I am here.

I am home.

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