One Suitcase

I’ve always been a minimalist.

I don’t have much in the way of worldly possessions, my life has almost always fit in a single room, and I regularly go through my things and let go of what I don’t use or wear.

When I left home to move to the UK back in 2013, I had to get even more minimalist than I was used to — I had to fit what I was taking with me in one medium-sized suitcase and my backpack.

There’s something transformative that happens when you have to be so particular about the things you have in your life: you really have to listen to yourself well and choose the things that will both anchor you and help you grow — and you have to be merciless.

And then, you learn just how little you really need to be happy.

Last Saturday evening when I was looking for a film to watch, I found Ballerina on Amazon Prime. It looked fun and inspiring, so I curled up and watched it. It’s geared toward an audience younger than me of course, but I found that I could relate to the main character Felicie quite strongly. She was on a journey to a dream that she didn’t quite understand, but she took risks and worked hard and learned to understand herself and her dream better in doing so. It’s a feel-good story, even if the film itself is a bit goofy.

One of the best and most pivotal moments in the film includes a short but powerful song by Sia (does she write anything but powerful songs? I mean, really) called Suitcase. I swear I have listened to that 2-minute song about 500 times this week because, well, I once packed everything up in a suitcase and followed a dream, too. And it was the craziest, riskiest, bravest, best thing I’ve ever done. Thinking about it reminds me how brave I can be when I put my mind to it, and that’s a truly powerful thing.

Have you ever packed up your life to follow a dream? What did you take with you?

Sia — Suitcase

“Pack it all away, pack it all in one suitcase; I got all I need, all I need, I’m flying!”



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