The true genesis of Gravitas & Giggles is, well, a long story. It’s my whole life story if you want to get right down to it. We’ll park the ‘life story’ bit for now though, and just go with the genesis of this collection of organized chaos.

I was, one summer evening, enjoying a lovely wine called Gravitas (a delicious 2004 Sauvignon Blanc, in fact), and in a fit of subtle bravado, I thought it would be clever to update my Facebook status to read: “Sara Leslie Ann Inkpen has gravitas”. So, I did just that.

One of my friends commented on my grandiose status; he said: “Gravitas with giggles. That’s rare.”

I blushed, I smiled, and I thought: “That’s actually a great way to describe me — I like it!”

I tucked that status, and his comment, away in my mind and continued on “as if I were normal” (as my mother would say). More than a year later, I was looking for a name for this very blog, et voila! — Gravitas & Giggles was born. I enjoy this moniker of mine so much that I have also adopted it across my social media platforms. This means that you can find me as @gravitasgiggles on Twitter and gravitasgiggles on Instagram, too.

Gravitas & Giggles (in all its incarnations and Inkpen-ness) is both serious and silly, thoughtful and trivial. There is no specific method to its mayhem, save that all content is generated by me. I share opinions, experiences, thoughts, music, videos, and whatever else may tickle my particular fancy. And I do it all because, as my friend pointed out: gravitas with giggles is rare. And that’s reason enough for me.


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