Praise for my Winter Writing Slump

I have a love/hate relationship with my winter writing slump. I hate that, during the winter, the majority of my writing goes in the 'draft' file and never sees the light of day. I also hate that the amount of writing I produce is a fraction of what I produce during other parts of the … Continue reading Praise for my Winter Writing Slump


A Good, Solid Punch

Something extraordinary happened to me last night: I wrote a journal entry. I haven't written a journal entry in quite some time (years), and I haven't written regular journal entries since high school. I'd been lying in bed for about a half an hour, having considerable trouble getting to sleep. I bolted up in bed, … Continue reading A Good, Solid Punch

Parenthesis, hashtaggery, and those pesky mermaids

I love parenthetical thoughts: the things you find written in brackets; asides; additional (sometimes hilarious and/or sarcastic) information that writers can't help but share. Whether what's shared in parentheses is for background, clarification, or amusement, I find it all endearing in some way. I salute writers who know when and how to use parentheses effectively … Continue reading Parenthesis, hashtaggery, and those pesky mermaids